Five Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Wedding

Social media feeds are overrun with wedding inspiration and it almost seems as if there is nothing original when it comes to weddings.  Every couple wants to give their guests a unique experience but it can seem like quite a challenge in the beginning. I always tell my clients the strategy to make your wedding stand out is to make it meaningful by considering all your favourite things as a couple in the early stages of planning.


Here are five ways to add personal touches to your wedding day.

  1. Consider working with a friend or family member on a personalized ceremony or share your love story with your officiant. It is a great way to start the wedding in a meaningful way and explain some special touches guests can expect to see throughout the day.

  2. Make a charitable donation in lieu of guest favours.  Many of us have been personally touched by a cause near and dear to our hearts and your dollar goes a lot further to a charity than candy or treats at guest tables.  Explain your donation and meaning behind it on a sign positioned at the receiving table.

  3. Incorporate your favourite foods in your wedding meal and serve them in a special way.   Long gone are the days of formal sit down, rubber chicken dinners and now anything goes when it comes to menu design.  Many of my couples are opting for mingling and lots of opportunity for guests to visit during the evening. If you and your fiancé love Mexican, offer a taco bar or serve up several of your favourite foods on communal platters on each table.  Have your emcee explain the meaning behind the meal or incorporate a description in the menu.

  4. Consider special songs to play.  Music offers a wonderful opportunity to fill your wedding with meaning.  I always tell my couples to take lots of time when considering ceremony songs, grand entrance songs and especially first dance songs. Don’t hesitate to have your emcee give a quick introduction to the song, or include a little note about each song played during the ceremony in the ceremony program.

  5. Weddings often have a huge contingency of out of town guests and quickly turn into wedding weekends with a flurry of dinners and breakfasts which give way to a whole host of opportunities to add meaning.  Pick dinner at your favorite restaurant or provide gift bags to your guests full of things you love as a couple.

By adding personal touches and references to your unique love story, your wedding guests are sure to remember your wedding long after you say ‘I Do!’

This is a guest post by Alli Mae Fresh Events