10 Tips for a Successful Event Planning Portfolio


Event Planning – Across the industry, meeting and event coordinators are some of the hardest working people out there.  They plan, create, communicate and are responsible for bring their client’s vision to life.  Did you learn your job at school or on the job?  Either way, you will either agree with these 10 tips or find one to incorporate into a successful portfolio of your planning business.


  1. Data – Planners now use metrics to know if the decisions made have had an impact.  Customer sentiment changes rapidly.  Net Promoter Scores (NPS) changes when the events’ impact matures.  Timing for surveys after the event is key.  If you don’t measure by survey regularly, you can miss the positive feedback loop after an event.  Don’t blast everyone on your email list.  An email survey, behavioral drip, is sent based on user life cycle or state of their account

  2. Creativity – You have booked an organizer and perhaps a venue.  Now, you should look for inspiration outside of your business.  Challenge your partners/suppliers in audio visual or furniture to dig deep for ideas they have or have seen.

  3. Managing events outside of your comfort zone-your home town or city means you need to have a grasp on traffic, culture, demographics and the nature of the city your event is in.

  4. Memorable event; Yes! Did any attendees share photos of it or use your event hashtag?-maybe not.  Your event design engages the attendee with a pop-up photo booth or the Instagram logo on key venue elements as a call to action.  Look around – what do you think is a great photo Backdrop in the event you are creating?

  5. Make lists and love the lists.  As a planner, you will create and delegate tasks for your team.  Do you all know what the lists mean?  When discussing and assigning tasks, have the team talk about them and list again in a format they can understand.

  6. Site visits.  Do you need to do every one or do you use trusted venues or contacts with information about venues?  Look to and talk with your human connections in planning.  Find a mentor or if you are experienced, serve as a mentor to others.  Connections are everything in planning.

  7. Ask and You Will Receive.  You fulfill so many requests for your clients.  Your partners/vendors need to go the extra mile as well.  For example, if you are planning a tradeshow, have the display rental company do the site visit with you.  They will catch details you might miss.

  8. Learn and keep on learning.  Can you improve the quality of the events you co-ordinate with more education?  Get out of your zone of what you already know and look at the industry with new eyes.

  9. Sustainability and green initiatives – It’s all about these 2 elements these days so promote your event with these two factors in mind.

  10. Heroes save the day – back-up plans and a partner that overlooks the meeting plan you created can turn disasters into victories.  Collaboration and organization tools can both save and develop events for your team.